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  • Daniela Agius

YoginiDan Blog is born!

I am super excited to welcome you to my yoga bubble, created to share thoughts, views, questions and anything else that is yoga related. All of this gathered on my new YoginiDan platform. A word of caution though! I was not born a blogger so bear with me if I do not follow the sacred rules of online blogging! This is my first blogpost ever, all about my biggest passion, YOGA. Finally bringing it to live after rumbling about it in my head for quite some time, longer than I wish to admit!

On the ABOUT page, you can read all about how I started doing yoga. Even though I may have rolled into a Happy Baby Pose as a baby, a common posture in yoga, I can assure you that I did not do it consciously and had zero awareness of what yoga was. I only started to hear about yoga as an activity in my early twenties and it gradually grew on me. In time, it brought me to this day where I am often with my yoga mat close by, exploring old and new poses that sometimes give me the feeling that I look like an unshaped pretzel!   

For many years now, there hasn’t actually been a day where I haven't thought of, talked about, practiced or taught yoga. Apologizing to all of my colleagues and friends whom I might have bored with my yoga discussions at the office over lunch or over a casual dinner! I cannot help it, the subject miraculously always pops up and once I get started, I cannot easily shut up! OK, admitting it. I talk too much especially if the subject is one that I am very passionate about and if someone dares to ask for my help, I tend to go all in! So, I have found a solution, blogging and hoping that through this platform, I will be able to help you in your yoga endeavor, however small or big it is to you.

The site allows me to stay connected online with you and provide you with a practical understanding of yoga. I really vouch for learning yoga by doing yoga so I will be sharing with you informative clips and tutorials that can help you in your yoga journey. I encourage you to hop onto your mat and explore for yourself. Make your yoga mat your playground and if you are in doubt or curious about something, hit that connect button and get in touch with me. I look forward to receiving your questions, your feedback and thoughts.

Our physical and mental bodies differ and that gives us different experiences but together we can help each other grow. I am here to help you in the best way I can in YOUR yoga experience through my own experience and learning!   My mission is to inspire you, motivate you, empower you and facilitate your yoga practice. So, let our yoga journey together begin!  Love, Dan

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