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Hello, I am Daniela 

Growing up on the island of Malta in the 80s and 90s, yoga was virtually unknown in my surroundings. Sunshine, beach, and food dominated most conversations around me!

It wasn't until the mid-2000s, while I was studying in Sweden for my post-graduate degree, that I encountered the unfamiliar word "yoga." A friend invited me to join her for a yoga class, which led to my first experience with yoga. However, it wasn't a smooth start. The class was conducted in Swedish, a language I didn't understand! I had no idea what the teacher was saying, and I couldn't easily follow the others as they moved their arms and legs into strange, unfamiliar positions. That one-hour class felt endless, and I must confess—I walked out halfway through.

Several months passed, but that initial yoga class left me curious about this emerging activity. I decided to try another class after returning to Malta from my studies. This time, I was immediately captivated by the vibrancy and energy of the 65+ year old yoga teacher giving the class. 

This marked the beginning of my yoga journey, and I was hooked!

A few years later, I moved to the Netherlands, where I had the opportunity to explore and attend classes in various yoga styles. The more I practiced, the more I wanted to learn. I joined a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at YogaMoves in Utrecht, where I was also introduced to the Ashtanga Yoga system. Both styles remain very close to my heart, both in my personal practice and in my teaching.

The past 18 years have been an enriching journey of yoga exploration and discovery. I transitioned from a student eager to learn about yoga to becoming also a teacher myself. Sharing the joys of yoga with others and being part of their journey is a true gift that I deeply cherish. I am grateful to all the teachers who have guided me and continue to help me grow on my yoga path. I am also grateful to the students who welcome and trust me to assist them in their own yoga journeys.


Whatever your interests in life, explore them, nurture them, and keep them alive. Stay curious, open, and willing to try new things. Keep that spark in your life and remember to have fun along the way.  

Love, Dan

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