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HI! I'M Daniela

Growing up on the island of Malta in the 80s and 90s, yoga was unheard of in my surroundings. Sunshine, beach and food were the highlight of most conversations around me!

It was in mid-2000s that I came across this unfamiliar word YOGA while I was studying in Sweden for my post-graduate degree. A friend of mine invited me to join her for a yoga class and that is how I stumbled onto my first yoga activity. It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows type of experience though.  The class was in Swedish, a language I didn’t understand! I had no idea what the teacher was saying and I couldn't easily follow other people who were waving their arms and legs into strange, unfamiliar positions. That 1 hour of class felt endless to me and I must confess -  I walked out of there half way through the class.

Some months had passed but that yoga class kept me wondering about what else there was to this up-and-coming activity. I became increasingly curious so I attempted another class when I returned back to Malta after my studies. Coincidentally it was with a Swedish trained teacher but taught in English this time round. I was immediately in awe of the vibrancy and energy of the 65+ year old teacher that I left the class very bouncy and jolly, full of enthusiasm.

This turned out to be the beginning of my yoga adventure and I was hooked!

Moving to the Netherlands a few years later, I had the opportunity to explore more and attend classes of different yoga styles. The more I practiced the more I wanted to learn. I joined a Teacher Training in Vinyasa Yoga at YogaMoves (Utrecht, NL) where I was also introduced to the Ashtanga Yoga system. Both styles remain very close to heart to this day, in my own practice but also in teaching.

The past 15 years have been an interesting journey of yoga exploration and discovery. A student hungry for learning about yoga gradually growing into becoming a teacher myself. Having the opportunity to share the joys of yoga with others and be part of their journey is truly a gift, that I cherish very deeply. Grateful to all the teachers that have helped me find this treasure and who continue to help me grow in my yoga path today; Grateful to the students that are welcoming and accepting, trusting me to help them progress in their own yoga path.

About YoginiDan website

The content you’ll find on this site is undoubtedly dedicated to the theme of yoga and its related topics. Through this platform, i intend to:

  • Be connected with YOU

  • Share with you as much information as possible on yoga

  • Answer your questions through insightful blogs

  • Keep you posted on my yoga experience, learnings and activities.

The yoga styles referring to will be mainly Vinyasa and Ashtanga. They are what I teach on a daily basis and it gives me great joy to be able share this experience not only on the mat face-to-face but also extend it virtually.


Whatever your interest in life is, explore it, nourish it, keep it alive. Be curious, be open, be willing to try. Keep that spice in your life and remember to have fun along the way.  


Love, Dan

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