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Yoga Pose

At the heart of every yoga class I teach is a commitment to sharing the benefits and joys of yoga in a safe and practical way. I offer Vinyasa Yoga and Ashtanga (&Mysore) Yoga classes at yoga schools in and around Amsterdam.

My Vinyasa Yoga classes cater to all levels, from beginners to more experienced practitioners, and range from gentle to vigorous flows. Regardless of the level or flow, I actively engage with students, guiding them through a light yet challenging practice in a fun setting. Enjoying your yoga class is essential to me!

The Mysore Ashtanga and the Ashtanga Led Classes I give are taught according to the guidance of teachers I have practiced and studied with, Lino Miele and David Swenson - both of whom were fortunate enough to study directly with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the founder of the Ashtanga Yoga System.

Breath is the foundation of every yoga class, with movements synchronised to its rhythm. Breath sustains us from our first unconscious inhale at birth and fills us with energy. Given its importance, I guide students to maintain full awareness and connection to their breath, regardless of how gentle or intense the class feels on a given day. With a steady foundation in breath, the asanas (postures) flow more gracefully, strengthening the body without depleting energy.

I love being on the mat with fellow practitioners, working together to fuel the body with strength, support, and positivity. My aim is to help students tune into themselves, not only physically but also mentally, through mindful movement


For booking Vinyasa & Ashtanga Led Group Classes with me go to Yogadreams, Zaandam

The Mysore (Self-Practice) Classes are currently given at De Lichtplaats Yoga studio in Zaandam. To find out more, click here

Yoga Class

Private yoga sessions are an excellent way to enhance your practice. They are tailored to your individual needs, addressing your specific challenges and goals

If you need extra individual attention that can be hard to get in a busy group class, one-on-one private sessions are ideal. The practice can bring up many doubts and questions about breath and alignment. Am I breathing correctly? How do I connect movement to breath properly? How can I keep my body safe during a yoga class? How do I get stronger, more stable in my practice?  These are common questions that can cause frustration or unclarity during a class.

Private Sessions are also very practical for managing chronic injuries or discomfort. Depending on your specific needs, modifications and adaptations of poses are provided. My goal is to help you gain clarity about your yoga experience and establish a solid foundation. You will notice positive feedback from your body much quicker than relying solely on home practice with online videos or group classes.


For booking private sessions in person or online, connect with me directly


With growing recognition of the benefits of happy and healthy employees, many companies are turning to yoga to boost workplace energy and encourage balanced performance throughout the workday. Given that many employees spend their day behind computers or laptops, workplace yoga is designed to improve posture and manage stress levels through various breathing techniques.

Working in a corporate environment alongside teaching yoga, I became increasingly interested in bringing yoga beyond the typical studio setting and sharing its benefits with my colleagues. Noticing the positive impact a single hour of yoga had on their workday, I committed to extending my teaching to other corporate companies. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working with companies such as Philips, HP, FairFood International and other NGOs.

I offer corporate group classes and introductory yoga courses at various organizations in person and/or online. I also collaborate with companies to organize yoga sessions during corporate events, such as offsite meetings and team-building activities. Whether it’s a relaxation session, an energizing yoga class, or a chair yoga activity, taking a moment to reset during a busy workday with your teammates can be incredibly beneficial. You can even practice yoga in your office attire!


Get in touch with Daniela to learn more about corporate yoga activities. 

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