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  • Daniela Agius

Light ON or Light OFF - what is it going to be today?

A prolonged time where social interactions were becoming almost forbidden and so much moved online very quickly, many struggled still to adjust to the change, feelings of loneliness kicked in ever stronger, and lethargy presented itself more predominantly than ever before. I haven't talked to many people that actually like the C-19 times with all the lockdowns, guidelines and regulations that keep changing shape more often than we can keep track of. Some have been able to deal with it more smoothly though. I am not one of them! What's their secret? Is there even one?

There were moments I started to miss alot on a daily basis, most of which I took for granted before because they were always there, available whenever. All of a sudden, they are gone, until further notice! Then there was yoga. Ah yes, YOGA! My daily practice has been one of the very few activities that stayed constant over the last 365plus days of yo-yoing. Things around it have changed of course - no more practicing at the shala, no more seeing and greeting my fellow early-morning yogi risers next to me on the mat. Instead, it has been shaped by many months of home practice accompanied at times by the cats walking by, risking being accidentally kicked by their clumsy carer!

Staying motivated and keeping the flow hasn't been easy. Lethargy has many times been more vocal than my determination to step on the mat. Still, somehow I kept rolling out my yoga mat and surprising myself with the energy and liveliness wanting to burst out. It felt like I had a bucket of energy lighting up the inside that was being kept hidden and covered by the insistence of my stubborn mind habitually remarking about what is wrong, what is not working well, and constantly repeating what if this, what if that! And so, every time I was reminded of how easy the mind can take over the lead and of the need for it to be tamed so that I could find my balance back.

Yet again, yoga has been an instrument where although from an outside view, it may look like limbs moving and physical activity taking place, it has been an amazing tool shedding light on the inside and a daily reminder of what truly matters. I am well aware that not everyone is involved in some form of yoga practice (or not yet!) and that many many things related to our psychology are so much easier said than done, but, I am convinced that there are many ways and resources that can help us bring our own selves back to balance. While hardships and pains are at times beyond our control and can get us caught in a whirlpool, it is still possible for us to cherish ourselves and appreciate those moments that keep the light within us shining bright, no matter how simple, how small.

You might be thinking, where am I getting with all this? Maybe not far but hopefully far enough to inspires you to pause for a moment and check-in with yourself, Allow yourself to stop doing whatever you are doing and take the next minute to remind yourself what you are grateful for at this moment, what makes your heart tick. Write it down if it helps you and read it out loud to yourself. Make sure to listen to yourself and keep reminding yourself of it throughout the day, Repeat this exercise anytime you like, especially when you notice yourself getting too involved with negative thoughts. One guaranteed benefit of this exercise? It will not make you tired :)

Much Love,




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