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Private yoga classes are a great way to boost your yoga practice They are planned specifically to your individual needs, depending on your challenges and goals.

If you have recently started practicing yoga and need that extra individual attention which can be tricky to get during a busy group class, one-to-one based private sessions come in handy. In the beginning, the practice can bring up a lot of doubt and questions about breath and alignment. Am I breathing correctly? Do I breath in or out as I move a certain way? How can I connect the movement to the breath the right way? What about keeping the body safe during an intense yoga flow class? These are some of the questions that make us doubt about what we are doing at a class.

During a Private Class, my aim is to help you get more clarity about your own yoga experience and set your foundations steadily from the early stages of your yoga practice. You'll experience positive feedback from your body much quicker than relying only on your own home-practice with online videos and/or group classes.

Private Classes are also very practical in cases of chronic injuries or discomfort experienced in the body. Depending on the ailment in the body, modifications and adaptations of any pose will be given.

Private Classes are offered face-to-face in the areas of Amsterdam and Zaandam or Online via video call. For more details about private classes and bookings, connect with me directly using the contact form.

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