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With the increasing attention given to the benefits of having happy and healthy employees, many companies are turning to yoga to support with boosting energy at the workplace and encouraging balance in performance during a working day. With many employees working behind computers/laptops all day long, yoga at work is designed around helping improve posture and manage stress levels through different breathing techniques.

Working in a corporate environment myself in parallel to teaching yoga, I was becoming increasingly interested in teaching yoga outside the typical yoga studio and share the benefits of yoga with my colleagues. Noticing the difference an hour of yoga made to their working day, I vowed to continue and extend my teaching to other corporate companies. Some of the companies I have been lucky to work with over the years are Philips and FairFood International. 


Participants often come in rushed, anxious and stressed for the class during their lunch break or after a day's work. By the end of the session, facial expressions change to becoming more serene, their body less tense and they leave with a sense of ease. Seeing this drives me to extend this to more and more work environments. 

I offer corporate group classes and introductory yoga courses at different organisations in the area of Amsterdam. I also work with companies in organizing yoga sessions during corporate events like offsite meetings and team-building sessions. Whether it is a relaxation session, an energizing yoga class or a chair yoga activity, why not take a moment to reset during an intensive work day with your teammates? You can do yoga, even in your office attire!

Learn more about corporate yoga activities and feel free to ask your questions using the contact form.

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