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faded shapes


I have tried many yoga classes with different styles and teachers and Daniela is, by far, the most amazing tutor and mentor I could ever wish for. Her love for yoga is contagious and inspiring. What truly sets her apart is that, despite being a very experienced yogi, she keeps on being a humble student, which makes me feel comfortable during her classes and creates space for true learning and growth. Through her guidance and thorough instructions she really helps me progress and improve my practice every time. 


Daniela is one of my favorite teachers at Yogadreams (Zaandam). Her Ashtanga and Vinyasa classes are both challenging and relaxing. She gives a lot of attention to the breath and what benefits the postures  have for your body.

Faded Shapes


Energy, passion and a good eye for different levels and needs within one class is what makes Daniela one of my favourite yoga teachers. She teaches with a sense of humour and always sets me a challenge, no matter how small or big, without me feeling intimidated.


Why do I like Daniela's yoga lessons so much and becoming my favourite teacher at Yogadreams?  Obviously her ability to offer so much variety in her lessons, her knowledge of the human body and using this in her lessons. The way she makes you feel, that you do not have to accomplish anything but can challenge yourself at the same time. And have fun!  As a person she is open and dares to show her own vulnerability, down to earth, no 'acted spirituality'. Just being herself and sharing her love for yoga.

I thank her for that!

Faded Shapes


Daniela didn't just teach me yoga. She made me believe in it and make it my "me time" during the week. Her approach and love for yoga has been so deep and subtle that you could only want to know more about it and connect this way. 

My most memorable moments with Dan: Once or twice I fell asleep during Savasana... Once I wanted to cry from releasing the tension, others I was so stressed but as soon as Dan's voice set the rhythm everything else had no space in my mind... and of course a strong flexible body. In few words, Daniela made me love and trust in yoga in a way far beyond the notion of practice or daily routine. Her connection was inspirational and I do miss our classes so much! 

PS. No humans were harmed during practice!!!