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Sharing the benefits and joys of yoga in a safe and practical way is at the core of every yoga class I give.  Vinyasa Yoga and Mysore (Ashtanga) Yoga are the styles I regularly teach at  yoga schools in and around Amsterdam.


My Vinyasa Yoga classes are of different levels, ranging from beginner classes to more experienced, from soft to strong flows. No matter the level or flow, you’ll find me interacting a lot with students and guiding them to experience a light, yet challenging practice in a fun setting. Enjoying your yoga class is vital to me!


The Mysore Ashtanga Program and the Ashtanga Led Classes I give are taught according to the guidance of teachers I have practiced and studied with, Lino Miele and David Swenson - both of whom were fortunate enough to study directly with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the founder of the Ashtanga Yoga System.


The breath is at the root of every yoga class, where movement is synchronized with the rhythm of that breath.  On and off the mat, the breath is central to our life. In fact, the first and longest inhale we take happens unconsciously at birth. It keeps us alive and fills us with energy.


With the breath being so essential, I guide students to stay fully aware of and in connection with their own breath, no matter how soft or intense the class feels on the body and mind on the day. With a steady foundation to the breath, the asana (postures) develops to a more graceful flow and the body is strengthened without feeling depleted of energy.


I love being on the mat with other yoga practitioners and working together on fueling the body with strength, support and positivity. My aim is that through moving the body, the classes help students tune in to themselves, not only physically but also mentally.

Check out my weekly class schedule in Zaandam to book your spot.
Yogadreams, Zaandam

The Mysore Program and Ashtanga Led classes in Amsterdam are currently at temporary locations. Contact me directly for more info about the schedule. 


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